Age of Empires 3: Asian Dynasties
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Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties introduces thrilling new stories into the popular Age of Empires III mythology.

Play through three new mini campaigns with new heroes and villains who find themselves in the midst of some of Asia's most pivotal historical events, both factual...and fictional.

You'll lead three new civilizations, employing new strategies to win. Participate in conflicts based on some of the signature struggles of Asian history, or follow an admiral in an imaginative tale about the pursuit of empire across the sea.

More than a British officer, Colonel Edwardson is a Company man; a true believer in the notion that British East India Company rule in India is the key to a prosperous empire. If tolerance were the world's only vice, Edwardson would be a man without sin. Edwardson's view of the world rests on his belief in his own abilities and in the discipline of his sepoys.

The bright and loyal Nanib has a future in the ranks of sepoys ("soldiers") serving the British East India Company. While his countrymen groan under the weight of foreign occupation, he counsels patience- until events push him over the edge. Thrust into a position of reluctant command, Nanib rallies the fight for independence.

Imperious and utterly without scruples, Admiral Jinhai dreams of a day when he bows to no one...not even the emperor. He is keenly aware that even the whole of China cannot contain his insatiable ambition. He will risk his own life, and that of many others, in pursuit of personal glory. Nothing short of absolute rule in an empire of his own making will satisfy Jinhai's cruel desires.

If it floats, Lao Chen has sailed on it at one time or another. From a string of forgettable ports across unforgiving seas, he's been witness to the ambitions of too many men. Even Huang's tolerance of Chen's insubordination does not surprise him...he's seen it all. Or has he? This journey is like none he's been on before.

Born to serve, Captain Jian Huang is an effective and loyal subject of the Chinese emperor. He is thrown into the fight of his life when Jinhai, the admiral commanding the emperor's treasure fleet, diverts course on a perilous adventure. Exploring an uncharted land at the edge of the world, Huang finds a civilization of great cities in a lush jungle setting. He seeks to rescue the missing admiral, knowing disaster awaits a single misstep.

Courageous young General Sakuma Kichiro proudly takes up the banner of Tokugawa Ieyasu, his mentor and surrogate father. But in the midst of deadly events, he discovers that his life is based on a lie. He must make an excruciating choice between honor and loyalty, or revenge and disgrace. Will he find peace and remain faithful to the spirit of bushido?

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