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In addition to the traditional Age of Empires III multiplayer modes (Supremacy and Deathmatch), The Asian Dynasties offers new challenges: Regicide, King of the Hill, Treaty, and Treaty-No Blockade.

In a Regicide game, you must build protection around and defend your Regent. Your Regent is a very powerful unit that you can use in battle. You can garrison your Regent inside his Castle to protect him if necessary. If the Castle is destroyed, your Regent is unprotected and vulnerable, but can continue to fight and rebuild.

In a King of the Hill game, you must capture and hold a Fort. Once a player has captured the Fort, the monument displays that player's color and a timer begins counting down. If the player is still holding the Fort when the timer reaches 0:00, the player wins the game. If you can capture the Fort before the timer runs out, the Fort changes to your color and the countdown begins again.

When you capture a Fort in King of the Hill, gather all your troops around to protect your acquisition or go on the offensive to crush potential incursions.

In a Treaty game, the host specifies a time period during which no player can attack another player. All players during the treaty period work furiously to build resources for the inevitable onset of hostilities. During the Treaty, you can also blockade your opponents to prevent Shipments from their Home City. Of course, you can expect that they will blockade you as well.

In a Treaty-No Blockade game, there is a 40-minute time period during which no player can attack another player. However, in a Treaty-No Blockade game, you cannot block Shipments from your opponent's Home City, nor can they block your Shipments. Continue using your Home City Shipments strategically to try to gain an advantage while no arrows, bullets, or cannonballs are flying.

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